Co-sponsored Scholarship Programme
Call for application

Please read this document carefully before filling up the application form Scholarship co-sponsored by MICHELIN – FRENCH INSTITUTE INDIA

On 30th November 2011, the French Institute in India and Michelin decided to create a programme for hosting and supporting meritorious foreign students in France.

This forms part of the “FRENCH INSTITUTE INDIA – ENTREPRISES” programme of the Ministry of External and European Affairs and is based on a public-private partnership. The specificity of this MEEA programme lies in the creation of optimal and personalized conditions for hosting Indian students and jointly selecting candidates with Michelin India and French higher education partner institutions.

The Michelin-French Institute India co-financed scholarship programme is aimed at Indian students who have secured a bachelor degree in Engineering or Technology and are willing to enrol in France for a Master degree programme of 2 years of higher studies. Students from India alone are eligible for this programme. Candidates with dual nationality will not be eligible for this programme if they hold French nationality.

For the academic year 2012-2014, 4 scholarships will be awarded.




The Michelin-French Institute India co-financed study scholarship will be awarded for two years of studies in France for the Master degree programme, in the following areas:

  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Production Engineering
  • Mecatronics


In one of the following French higher education institutions:


- IFMA (Institut de Mécanique avancée)

- ENSCCF (Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Chimie de Clermont Ferrand)

The course fees will be borne by the Michelin India.

what are the advantages being offered?

After the conclusion of the selection process, if you are selected for the co-sponsored Michelin-French Institute India scholarship programme, you will receive:


from Michelin India:

  • you will be given 2 months intensive French language course at Alliance Française de Chennai sponsored jointly by the company with a fixed contribution from the French Institute in India
  • international travel expenses (India-Paris-India) shall be borne, fixed at 1000 Euros
  • A single and total scholarship of 900 € per month for a period of 24 months of the programme
  • Cultural integration package at CAVILAM and placing the student in host family for one month
  • A tutorial with the company
  • Internship after 1st year Master outside the company
  • Offer for internship after 2nd year Master/end of course project shall be undertaken within Michelin.
  • Career counselling at the conclusion of your stay in France.


from the Ministry of External and European Affairs, and sponsored by the French Institute in India:

  • social security and medical insurance cover, which confers the status of a French Government scholar on you, and all the advantages linked to such a status (facilitation of visa application procedure, chance to participate in cultural activities organized by EGIDE, etc.)




You are eligible for this scholarship programme if:


  • you hold Indian nationality;
  • you are not over 28 years of age in the selection year;
  • you are not already a French Government scholarship holder;
  • your application for a French Government scholarship has not been rejected during a previous evaluation procedure.

Important remarks:


  • students with dual citizenship are not eligible;
  • candidates applying for apprenticeship courses or refresher courses will be rejected outright;
  • command over the French language is not a prerequisite criterion but one of the goals to be attained at the end of your stay in France. It may be mandatory at your host institution;

The Application Deadline was 31 March 2012, NO


When is the selection taking place?

  • Between 1 and 15 April 2012 pre-selection procedure, the French Institute in India will indicate whether you have been pre-selected to the chosen programme and send you an interview letter to appear for a personal interview in Chennai/Delhi, India.
  • Between 16 and 30 April 2012, a selection committee meeting will be held in India under the authority of the French Institute in India. The committee will comprise representatives of the French Institute, Michelin and the partners of the French Higher
    Education Institution of the programme. The interview letter you would have received would be for the selection committee meeting on the said date. At the conclusion of this meeting, the tentative list of successful candidates will be announced, subject to final admission to the chosen French higher education institution.

The final list of successful candidates will be published on the websites of the Michelin, French Institute and the Campus France in India.



The following are the criteria taken into consideration:

  • the excellence of the candidate as borne out by his/her academic record;
  • statement of purpose or letter of motivation
  • statement of objectives of your future career plans upon completion of your Master’s degree in France;

In case of applicants with equal levels of merit, the programme in charges will give preference to the candidate of modest means. The deliberations of the committee are not open to any form of external communication whatsoever, its decision is final and it may not be asked to ascribe any reason for its decisions.



Download the application form for scholarship from the website of Campus France in India (www.india.campusfrance.org) fill, sign and scan it along with the requisite documents and send to scholarship.france@gmail.com



1. A 1 page of your curriculum vitae, in French or English;

2. a set of copies of Academic Degree certificates and mark sheets (Final year students are required to get an evaluation form filled by the current university in India, where he/she is studying);

3. birth certificate or school leaving certificate where date of birth is mentioned along with the names of the parents;

4. statement of purpose (SOP) or letter of motivation: stating reasons for choosing France, France’s contribution in your domain of interest and your motivation for joining this scholarship programme;

5. 2 pages statement of objectives of your future career plans upon completion of your Master’s degree in France;

6. 4 Passport size photographs;

7. 2 letters of recommendation




French Institute in India:

For more details, please contact Mr. Ashok Kumar Charoth, Scholarship Cell,

French Institute in India, ☏ (91) 011 30 41 00 33, E-mail: scholarship.france@gmail.com



Michelin India:



Website of the Ministry of External and European Affairs:



Website of the École Nationale Supérieure de chimie de Clermont Ferrand (ENSCCF):


Website of the Institut de Mécanique Avancée (IFMA):









Information on being hosted in France and social security and medical insurance cover: