Preethi VINCENT, Institute Eurocom, India

Where and how do I begin !!!!!

To study in France was the biggest decision of my Life and I am very glad that I did the right thing. Though, I got the admition and scholarship quite easily , I was totally limited with knowledge about obtainng the VISA. There came the help from CAMPUS FRANCE Chennai. I still remember how welcoming and helpful were the people there. Thanks to CampusFrance that I got my VISA without any delays.

And yes what is so special in France ??? That was the question everybody asked me when I chose France to do my higher studies . All I told them was that it my deepest instinct to study there. But after three years of stay in France I now have so much to justify my choice.
France is a place where you find a perfect blend of its own alluring history and technological advancements. I was very lucky to have experienced the quite country life of the South of France in NICE and the busy PARISIAN LIFE. In short its the best place to live your students life. And the work culture here is very famous for its own reasons.   

I am thankful to all the people who made my entry to France easy. Campus France Chennai, my school TELECOM PARISTECH and my ATOS ORIGIN INFOGERANCE(scholarship, internship and job offer).  

Being happily married to my love and a very promising career, what more can I ask from my dear France !!!!  VIVRE LA FRANCE

Preethi VINCENT, Institute Eurocom