Darpana Dilip, Ecole Central de Nantes

Merci beaucoup, Campus France!

After my long search and wandering about my studies, I saw an advertisement in Deccan Heralds Newspaper about CampusFrance about ‘French School Visit’ in Bangalore.
CampusFrance being the initiative of Embassy of France, this put me at much ease to proceed further and start the process.
With my Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering background, I was keen to pursue my Masters in Control Engineering, Automation & Robotics. Luckily for me, this stream was available at the Ecole Centrale de Nantes (ECN), one of the five respected Grand Ecoles in France.

Through the admission process, representatives from both CampusFrance and Institute ECN, were very generous in their support and helped me extensively on clarifications on the admission process, aide with Scholarship, necessary documents, and concluding with a briefing about living in France with a Pre-departure session 3 month prior to my departure. There’s a vibrant multicultural environment with my batchmates coming from different countries – China, India, Indonesia, Italy, Malaysia, Mexico, Nigeria and so on. Indeed, we have a self-contained campus, with an accomplished international faculty, a pronounced research-orientation, and dynamic corporate and industrial linkages.

Thanks to the liberal EU grant, the Schengen Visa and the substantial student concessions, I can afford to go on sight-seeing trips to other parts of Europe. Afterall, life, they say, is nothing but learning to live. If anyone asks me to single out the most significant benefit I have derived from my translocation to Nantes, I would readily say that it is nothing but ‘learning to live’.

Darpana Dilip, Masters in Control Engineering, Automation & Robotics, Ecole Central de Nantes