I wanted to pursue and also wanted to do it an unique way..

Renu Kotige, International MBA, REIMS

MBA was something I wanted to pursue and also wanted to do it an unique way. France seemed to be an ideal destination for this due to many advantages the country provides: reputed institutes, one year fast track programs, being in a place with true culture and tradition undisturbed with modernisation, advantage to learn a new language (French), affordable fees etc. Reims Management School is one of the top 5 universities in France for Business studies and I was fortunate enough to get an admission into this school with a good scholarship. This school is in a small city called Reims. It is an hour away from Paris, thereby not letting students get too distracted being in a dynamic city like Paris and at the same time not being too far away from it to miss the weekend fun and frolic.

CampusFrance Bangalore has been a big factor to help me gain a smooth transition to France; helping me get the visa well within the timelines, without which my admission to Reims Management School would have not served me anything. I was a late applicant, by 2 weeks, and CampusFrance went all the way to ensure to complete the formalities and guided me through the process, particularly when I was pressed for time!

I thank CampusFrance again for making my experience worth it!

Renu Kotige
Reims Management School 
International MBA