Hemil Modi, International Space University, Strasbourg

The reason why I choose France is because of my university its one of its kind in the whole world with, which creates a base to venture in the exponentially rising space sector. Strasbourg is like Pune in India, a lot of students come from world over to study here, negligible Indians here but the city is nice and you can buy Indian stuff here, so no real worries. France is a wonderful destination and its my sincere advice to learn at least begineers level French before coming here, this will facilitate your acclimatization.
I owe a lot to Campus France Pune, they have done a phenominal job and have made my enrty into France as smooth as it can be , i appreciate the support and motivation provided by CF Pune and tons of thanks to campus France.
kindly see the attached file for a head shot .

Hemil Modi, Masters of science in space studies.
International Space University, Strasbourg, France.