Shilpi TYAGI, Audencia School of Management, Nante, India

"At a time when I was at crossroads where my career was concerned, it was indeed a fortunate turn of events that made me visit Campus France, Delhi.

I went there and explored the world of Opportunities that awaited me. I have never looked back since. I got a scholarship from DCNS and joined Audencia School Management in Nantes (One of the top 10 in France).

I am currently employed by DCNS as an Assistant Manager. I have gained substantial International Business exposure because of my stint at DCNS and Audencia School of Management. Like so many others, I too was apprehensive about coming to France but within a few days of my setting foot here, my fears were allayed. Give it a chance and France will embrace you and will make a special place in your heart forever. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Campus France Delhi for all the assistance provided.
A life full of opportunity awaits students availing the services at Campus France, where the help and guidance offered is exceptional. I hope many more dreams are realized through campus France in the years to come."

Shilpi TYAGI, Audencia School of Management, Nante (
Tel : 06 45 17 39 09 or  02 97 12 18 50