Coming to France, has been a first time experience away from my home country, INDIA


Coming to France, has been a first time experience away from my home country, INDIA. The culture is different in everything from food to dressing style to daily activities. But people are the same as us. They respect humanity. They are very good companions. Each individual here has the liberty to live their life in their way which keeps them happy. The environment is very positive here. I enjoy the seasons, the snow and the rare Sun. I am enjoying my first hand experience in Europe.

I strongly dream to become an Astronaut. I completed my Bachelor’s in Aeronautical Engineer in the year 2007 from Gujarat University. I gained a professional experience of five years as Deputy Manager (Design) in one of Asia’s largest Aerospace Company, Hindustan Aeronautics Limited in Bangalore. To fulfil my ambition, I got an opportunity to pursue higher studies at International Space University in Strasbourg, France. This course deals with each and every aspect of Space Industry, from Engineering, Science, and Astronomy to Management, Business, Economy and Law of Space. I am overwhelmed to get an overview of the entire Space sector all over the World. The speakers come from all the prestigious Space Agencies like NASA, ESA and JAXA. We have got the opportunity of meeting couple of Astronauts. I am empowered and aspire to keep moving ahead for my ambition.

I approached Campus France in Bangalore for the VISA procedures. The VISA procedures went very smooth with their help. But, the extra effort that Campus France takes for students made my Life very easy to understand France better before going there. The Pre Departure session detailed on small tips about the academic procedures in French institutions, a brief picture of French culture and the small ways of adjusting and feeling comfortable for what they term as culture shock in France. Here, I would like to share a personal experience that I have with Campus France and would cherish it forever my life. When I arrived at Strasbourg Airport, I was supposed to be picked up by the Campus France transport as I was a scholarship holder. But due to changes in the flight schedule, my flight was delayed and I missed my transport at Strasbourg. I was awestruck. I did not know what to do, whom to contact and fortunately I happened to contact Campus France. One call that day from Ms. Kshama from Bangalore and her strong support gave me all the confidence that I had lost in that one moment standing as a stranger on a land I have never seen in my Life before. And, just after that, I was contacted by Delhi’s office and the car from Campus France arrived in next 10 minutes and I took a sigh of relief. Campus France is like a friend to me who have helped me at every possible step and made my life successful in this part of my journey of Life.

Vibha Srivastava, Masters of Science in Space Studies
International Space University, Strasbourg, FRANCE.