Tarun T. Kalwani, ESIEE Paris

The program  n+i is unique and extremely relevant in the globalized education sector with international career aspirations. Especially, students who have low levels in French language and French methodology, this program will cater you with language training modules, methodological.  Training, intercultural modules etc. the best part being stay in a French host family and visualizing the things better. Being a student at ESIEE Paris makes me glad as my aspirations match with the interests and research work undertaken here. Not only is the course best suited for my goals, but also the campus promises to provide the perfect environment where I can hone my innovations and skills. With constant support and symbiotic relationship of the institution I was able to enroll myself for an internship at the most esteemed French university Ecole Polytechnique in a field of my interest.  


Tarun T Kalwani, Student of ESIEE Paris Masters in Applied Micro and Nanotechnologies