Jayita Phulsunge, IESEG School of Management

Bonjour Namaste!
Sound of this greeting is like symphony. Just a perfect blend I was seeking. The Indo French connection is something I knew I wanted to discover and be a part of this here in Lille. After my association with Alliance Française de Bombay, I realized my passion for French language, culture and France this beautiful picturesque country. I was able to pursue my dream with very kind guidance by CampusFrance Pune who came to my rescue for all visa procedures and other formalities.  I highly appreciate the efforts and efficiency of CampusFrance Pune. Campus France Pune has played a key role in helping students like me.
There is help when you ask for it and I hope they continue to recruit efficient & effective advisors as it serves as a source of motivation to pursue “Francestastic Dreams”.
A big thank you!!

Jayita Phulsunge,  Masters in International Business, IESEG School of Management.