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Ask for an internship agreement!

Although they may be part of institutes for higher education, research laboratories in France are usually considered as "companies", due to their "partnership or collaboration" with these academic institutions. The internship agreement (“convention de stage”) is therefore, mandatory for those who wish to pursue a research project within these structures. The host institute will take care of its drafting in French and English. This agreement is tripartite and should eventually be signed by the DIRECCTE, the local government body in charge of granting the employment permit. (Direction régionale des entreprises, de la concurrence, de la consommation, du travail et de l'emploi).


Note: Scientists (researchers or students holding a Master or higher degree) require a hosting agreement (“convention d’accueil’). It should be provided by the host organization in France and must be validated by the Prefecture where the research is to take place. This formality is compulsory irrespective of the length of stay.