Your online application procedure to the French Institutes of higher education


Our Campus France local desks

  • offer applicants interactive online assistance, information, and guidance using a personal messaging system 
  • help applicants schedule language tests 
  • examine applications for completeness and verifies the authenticity of degrees 
  • schedule interviews with applicants concerning their educational plan


The Department of University Cooperation of the Institut Français en Inde

  • accesses students' application files and interview reports
  • provides online comments on applicants' educational plans


Higher education institutions participating to the CEF process

  • read students' applications online 
  • access reports of interviews with students
  • request additional informations from CampusFrance local offices using the messaging system
  • select applicants
  • send online offers of preliminary admission to applicants and their Campus France desk


French Consulates

  • examine applicants' electronic files 
  • examine the visa applications submitted by students 
  • decide whether to issue a visa in each case
  • record those decisions in the applicants' files


Note: Use of the second online process, "Admission  post bac" (APB, post-baccalauréat admission process) is required of all students seeking to enter the first year at an institution other than a university or IUT, even if the CEF procedure is in force in the applicant's country.