French Embassy - Krishna Kriti Foundation Co-financed Scholarships for Fine Arts

Overview of the Programme

The interested applicants to fill an online form on the website,  

Period of application: 15th January to 15th February

Duration and benefits: 1 scholarship for 12 months and another 1 for 6 months, benefits: 615 Euros/month, overseas medical insurance coverage and up & down air ticket


  • Each applicant completes the online form on the Foundation’s web site
  • Each applicant to upload 5 representative works and an essay outlining their personal project.
  • The French embassy will help place the selected candidates in Art schools in France.

Selection Procedure:

A joint jury with three Indian artist/art critics proposed by the Foundation and one French artist/art critic shall screen the applications.  After the 15th February, all the art works selected (25) will be on the website and shall be exhibited at the Gallery KalaKriti.

 Announcement of Result:

  • The first shortlist will be established in Hyderabad on the 20th of February. This screening will be made on the basis of copies of the works uploaded and, whenever possible, interviews with the applicants.
  • A second short listing will be made by 10th March with the ten best applicants during the exhibition at the Kalakriti Gallery. A final choice of the 6 best applicants shall be made hereafter.
  • The final declaration of the results shall take place in April and will coincide with the annual auction organized by KalaKriti.