Overview of the Scholarship Programme

Eiffel Scholarship Programme 2012


Offered by: French Ministry of Foreign Affairs through the administering agency EGIDE

Eligibility: Students in the fields of engineering, management, political science and law.  

For Masters & Ph.D. Age limit: 30. 

Benefits: Living expenses (1200 Euros/month), travel expenses and health insurance. Accommodation guaranteed by Egide. 

Paperwork: Eiffel application form must be filled and sent to the institute along with the application form.

Time frame: Duration of studies

How to apply:  

While making a request for admission to a French institute, you just have to mention that you would like to be nominated for the Eiffel scholarship. A student cannot directly apply for the Eiffel scholarship; it is the institute where you are seeking an admission that shall nominate you to the French Ministry of Foreign affairs, should the institute find your candidature merit worthy. The University/Institution applies on behalf of the student. To ensure adequate reaction time please make your admission applications by November of the year preceding your intake (in September).

Application Deadline: 11th February for the French Institute of the year for which the scholarship is applied. Thus you need to have applied to the institute by November prior to the year of intake, so that the institute has adequate time to grant you admission, and thereafter submit your file to a jury and nominate you to the Eiffel panel.

E-mail id: eiffel@egide.asso.fr 

Web site: www.egide.asso.fr/uk/programme/eiffel/index.html 

Address: EGIDE, Programme Eiffel

28, rue de la Grange-aux-Belles, 75010 Paris, France

Fax : (00.33) 1 42 41 85 90