Finding housing

Where will I live ? It can be hard to find student housing in France, especially in Paris.

Cité Internationale Universitaire de Paris,
7(R) Boulevard Jourdan, 75014 PARIS
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Maison de l’Inde is more than just a residence for academic scholar. It is a part of the Cité Internationale Universitaire de Paris (CIUP, International University City of Paris, also called Citie U) located in the calm and beautiful southern part of Paris.

The CIUP was set up in 1925 with the objective of promoting institutional relationship with different countries, providing accommodation to students, researchers, visiting professors and cultural representatives of foreign countries at a modest price and at the best possible living conditions, creating an international atmosphere in the CIUP (there are about 5500 residents from 130 countries on the campus), promoting intercultural dialogue, respect for different cultures and practicing a ‘culture of peace”.

Facilities available in the Maison

A newly renovated lobby with comfortable sofas and newspapers in French, English and Hindi is a favourite meeting spot.

Rooms are equipped with a refrigerator, a wash-basin and a telephone. They are cleaned every week and bed linen is changed every fortnight. There is a kitchen on each floor with hotplates and microwave oven. Bathroom and toilet facilities are also on each floor.

There is a computer room with five computers where high speed (ADSL) internet and word processing facilities are available free of charge. It is also possible to connect to the internet in the kitchens using private laptops. Recently WIFI has been introduced for the whole building.

There is a fax in the computer room. Receiving a fax is free. Faxes can be sent using a telephone card. Telephone units can be purchased at the reception to make external calls from the rooms.

Iron/Weighing Machine can be borrowed by depositing an ID at the reception.

Photocopies can be made for 0.15 Euro per page.

Extra beds are available at the cost of 12.20 Euros per night only for short periods of stay (maximum 15 Days) of a visitor or a relative.

Internet connection is also available in the room and there exists a facility of setting an alarm in the room.

A washing machine is available in the basement. Tokens for washing and drying cost 3 Euros.

Automatic machine of hot and cold drinks are available in the basement.
There are two televisions with local French channels, satellite TV and Hindi channels in the basement and also a table-tennis table.

There exist now a studio and an apartment for visiting scholars and their families. A fire alarm also has been installed to take care of the residents' safety.

A larger plan of renovation is underway.

There is a modest library from where books can be borrowed.

The house has subscriptions for French and English newspapers.

Facilities available at the Cité

A University Restaurant provides three course meals for 2.40 Euros for the residents. Lunch timings are from 11:45 am to 2:30 pm and dinner from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm. (Timings are subject to change in different seasons)

A cafeteria is also open from 7:30 am to 9:00 pm.

A Social Service Office helps with the personal problems of the residents (Tel :
A library rich in collection with internet facilities, a theatre and a Conference Hall is situated at the 'Maison Internationale' .

A Bank (BNP-Paribas), a Post-Office and sports facilities with a swimming pool are also present on campus.

Tariffs: 360 euros per month and with the French government’s lodging assistance allowance, it works out to a monthly cost of 260 euros.

How to secure accomodation at the Maison de L’Inde

Log on to
On the top left hand side click on English version, or directly type
at the address bar to open the site in English.
Go to the link “Preparing your stay” , click on “student”, “housing “and then on “a room at the Cite”

This form is to be submitted on line. This step is mandatory before requesting admission to the Maison de l’Inde. Your CIUP request as per your nationality will be automatically routed to the Maison.

After having completed this on- line registration , send an e-mail to
to confirm status of your request.
Rememeber to secure accommodation you must apply as early as possible.

Other ways to locate accommodation

You may avail the services of the 9 CampusFrance desks across India and opt for the Optima service.
This is a paid service that costs 500 euros (in fact the optima service on its own only costs 300€, only paid if the room is available, the 200€ for the prima are on the contrary to be paid before the inscription help is provided) and enables a student to find accommodation in University Halls of Residence across France (except Paris). Under this service, the student makes a request for accommodation in any part of France after having secured admission. The local office of CampusFrance then processes the request with the help from the central office in Paris. The student only makes a payment in the event of being offered an accommodation.
For detail please get in touch with the CampusFrance office closest to you.

For list of CampusFrance offices in India click here