Higher education in agriculture in France - Short programs

132 secondary schools specializing in agriculture 274 two-year degree programs enrolling 13,000 students taught by professors and advanced students

Short postsecondary programs in agriculture (bac + 2) lead in two years to a Brevet de Technicien Supérieur Agricole (BTSA) degree in one of 16 specializations offered by agricultural secondary schools. Key features of BTSA programs are as follows:

- Professional orientation: academic study (taught in part by practicing professionals) alternates with periods of work, some of which take place at the agricultural operations associated with each school. Internships are required.

- Links with local government, employers, and communities (reinforced by instruction in sociocultural subjects), and at the international level (local export initiatives, internships abroad).

- Housing during internships (rooms for 1, 2, and 4 students are readily available) that prepare students for a full range of agricultural careers.

- Some BTSA programs are offered as continuing or adult education for the convenience of working students.

The BTSA degree is offered in the following subjects:

1. rural land-use
2. agricultural, biological, and biotechnological analysis
3. analysis and implementation of farming systems
4. tropical agriculture
5. agricultural equipment engineering
6. forestry
7. water management
8. management and protection of natural resources
9. agri-food industries
10. animal husbandry
11. fishery production
12. horticultural production
13. service delivery in rural settings
14. technical/commercial agricultural supply, beverages, wines and spirits, food products, forest products, ornamental horticulture
15. plant technologies
16. viticulture, oenology


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BAC + 3: Students who receive the BTSA may elect to pursue a one-year licence professionnelle at one of the many universities that cooperate with the agricultural secondary schools. Licence programs give students an opportunity to acquire specialized knowledge and skills, thereby enhancing their job prospects.

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