To know more about a single service provider providing: Forex, insurance,air ticketing, mobile phone, laptop solutions adapted to international students' needs


Things to get:


Kitchen: Initial use


Small Hawkins pressure cooker (very expensive here and in the beginning can be use as a sauce pan also without the lid)
Small Fry pan
Ladle for cooking, table spoon and a tea spoon
A coffee mug
A small micro wave plastic bowl with a cover
A small plastic plate
(All this just for the beginning till the time you get to know your surroundings)
Get some ready to cook food, soup packets, maggi for the first two, three days



Basic medicines:
get two or three strips of each (enough to last at least a year):

Cold- Crocin+ ANTIBIOTICS IN CASE YOU FALL SICK – (ask your doctor)

Headache- disprin etc.

Lenses (watever you wear hard or soft: for soft get as many as you can, its expensive here plus you will need a doctor's prescription for everything)

Lens solution (get some bottles)

Get an extra pair of glasses made.

Dulcolax (for all the fish and chips that you'll be eating)

Iodex + cold cough balm


Dependal+ Perinom (very very important- first few days it will be a change of season you'll get nauseous)

Pudin Hara if you like

Hot water bottle


Jeans (levis is way out of the budget here and you don’t get the right fitting, plus alteration costs a lot)
Its better and cheaper in INDIA, get it now!


Sports shoes + chappals (buy formal shoes here, they will cost a bit but they last long).

Get a pair of high fancy shoes if you like for the beginning thin high heels. Get covered shoes, it will be cold by the time you get here. If you don't like heels you can get formal flat shoes ( importance and priority: comfort).

Socks (skin color and thick ones you'll die in the cold otherwise).

Casual wear like tee- shirts, informal or semi formal shirts .

Buy office wear when you come here depending on the style and what is in vogue: shop at Zara.


Office Bag


Bed sheets (one set)
Bed cover (o ne is enough) ( get cotton one- easy to carry and takes much less space)
Pillow covers
Quilt cover

This is all the basic stuff to help you settle in, rest is upto you how much luggage space and weight you are allowed.
For food: its better if you cook, it doesnt have to be elaborate sweets, eggs, bread, frozen foods to begin with and eventually you can shop for everything.
Take it easy on your luggage in case you have to commute on your own from the airport.
Travel light: One suitcase and one stroller: easy to manage.