How will I get around in France ?

France has a comfortable and efficient rail network that includes many high-speed lines. It's easy to get from city to city, even when those cities are far apart. A four-hour ride takes you 1,000 km from Marseille, in the far south, to Lille, in the far north.

International and domestic air connections from all large French cities reach every spot on the globe.

Don't forget that most French institutions of higher education are located in city centers.

France's highways and roads are excellent. A dense network of picturesque secondary roads allows you to discover the charm of France's nature reserves and rural areas. You may use your driver's license from home to drive in France. The speed limit is 45 to 50 kmh in towns and citiies, 90 kmh on departmental roads and national highways, and 130 kmh on the autoroute. Used cars in good condition usually cost more than 3,000 Euros, but you will find it easy to rent new cars anywhere you go.

Buses provide public transportation in all French cities. Some have tramways as well. The largest cities have underground rail systems.