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Your appropriate housing anywhere in France...

To help its student customers cope with the very real difficulties of housing in France, CampusFrance locates and reserves university housing anywhere in France except in Paris. That's one reason why we advise international students to seriously consider studying at one of the many fine institutions outside Paris... ...Housing is more plentiful and less expensive, with no decrease in comfort.
CampusFrance will locate and reserve your housing once we receive notice of your admission to a French educational institution. More...

Living in university housing

Universities throughout France offer rooms and studio apartments at reduced rates (between 120 to 300 Euros per month) in student residences managed by CROUS, the regional affiliates of the French national student-service agency, known as CNOUS.

Space in these residences is allocated according to certain criteria, with recipients of French government scholarships receiving priority. In Paris, where there are 300,000 students and only 2,000 units of university housing, scholarship students are the only ones who have a chance at getting a room. More...

Relying on the private rental market

Monthly average rents average 15 Euros per square meter in Paris and 7 Euros per square meter elsewhere in France. The supply of units in privately owned student apartment buildings is rising. These buildings offer furnished and equipped studios and shared services such as cafeterias, coin laundries, and game rooms. The monthly rent for a studio in such a building is 500 to 700 Euros outside Paris and 550 to 700 Euros in Paris.

When you rent a unit in a private building you will have to sign a a rental agreement or lease that specifies your rights and responsibilities and those of the property owner and his agent. Before the lease is signed, you will have to prove that you have sufficient resources to pay the rent. Usually this means that your monthly income must be at least three times the amount of your rent. You will also have to pay a security deposit equal to 2 months' rent. Vacancies are advertised by real estate agencies or directly by property owners in the classified section of newspapers such as Le Figaro (which is widely available abroad). Some educational institutions and CROUS offices maintain lists of vacancies.

Two forms of financial assistance

Two forms of financial assistance are available to students of all nationalities who rent housing in France. The precise amount of the monthly assistance varies according to the student's income, the type of housing, and the amount of the rent. The two types of assistance are Allocation de logement sociale and Aide personnalisée au logement, often referred to as ALS and APL. Payments are made by local family assistance funds (caisses d'allocations familiales, or CAF).

Les services de la vie étudiante CNOUS Information Sheet "Housing" (.pdf - 324 Ko)