October 2011


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EPITA International Newsletter
October 2011
EPITA International Newsletter
We hope you had a good start of this new academic year! First, we are happy to announce that we have signed a new Erasmus agreement !
Here at EPITA, we are starting the Fall semester with two big events : the Welcome Week for international students integrating our International Master, and the EPITA's Integration Weekend for our third year students.

Integration is essential and is part of students' involvement and personal development and it plays a key role in their future success.

Let's read also some good advice to start fall with positive energy !

Yours sincerely,

Christophe Rouvrais
Development & International Office

Albane Ariza,
International Programs

Célia Fernandez,
Exchange Programs

Anne Menard,
Executive Assistant

Daniela Becker,
ERASMUS Coordinator

Happening on Campus
Class of 2013 (Fall Cohort) Arriving on Campus

3Welcome Week (Sept. 26 - Sept. 30) is designed to provide a first bridge to students into the French culture while introducing them to their academic program and to the institutions as well as forging bonds within the cohort. During that week, students actively participate into a series of workshops, enjoy meals and city discoveries as well as personal counseling prior to the closing debriefing activity.

The WEI : EPITA's Integration Weekend for 3-year Students

21 Students entering their 3rd year of undergraduate studies at EPITA plunge into the WEI exhilarating 3-day conceptual seminar integrating conferences, debates and physical activities such as quad, paintball or hare & hounds. It takes place in the Aurillac region.

Deans, faculty members and the student club leaders work in close collaboration to organize and deliver the event, the goal of which is to rise all students' involvement into the school thus support EPITA's core belief in horizontal leadership

From the Students and for the Students
Shalaka MANORE, ISM Class of 2012 (Winter Cohort)
In October, we would like you to meet first year graduate students in the Information Systems Management International Master.

ShalakaPost my Bachelor degree in Electronics Engineering, I was looking for a Management degree in pertaining field. After endless research across entire Europe, I came across EPITA, the Graduate School.
This graduate school had a perfect blend of the courses that I was interested in and it provided me a perfect ladder from my technical to managerial environment. The fundamental course of my semester was perfect with subjects like from Unix/Windows, Corporate Networks to Cross border management which gave me a strong base to start my career. As the proverb rightly says "Turn up a child in the way he should go, when he is old he will never turn for it."
EPITA gave me the right path to start my career in the corporate world. I had an amazing experience to do my summer internship on CRM with EPITA. Also, Paris has a good market for the Electronics world. To summarize it up, I made a right choice at right time to come at right place.

Sunil RAINA, ISM Class of 2012 (Winter Cohort)
SunilFirstly, EPITA allows customizing the course of study to fit my individual interests. Secondly because of the well-rounded nature of the program, embedded with subjects as per the industry trends are vital for one's career, I am able to comprehend the "languages" of different areas. I've been studying at this school for 6 months. The best about the college is to have the opportunity to meet people from other countries. I have met people from all over the world in the college and we can share our culture and knowledge, it is very interesting.
The presentation skills that I developed in the program have proven to be invaluable. The most interesting thing in the college is the staff, they are really friendly, experienced and technically very skilled and make you feel like you are part of their family. The idea of social clubs in EPITA is a perfect platform to work in teams and learn team work and develop leadership qualities.

2 New Erasmus agreement 1
bilkent EPITA is happy to announce that a new bilateral Erasmus agreement has been signed allowing mobility actions from the next academic semester onwards :

Bilkent University is one of Turkey's leading research universities. The University campus is located near the center of Turkey’s capital Ankara, and covers an area of more than 500 hectares. The use of English as the only teaching language contributes to the constantly growing community of international students and scholars...

From the Corporate World
EPITA graduates lead brilliant careers all around the globe. This month, we feature Ms. Astrid WANG (Class of 2004), currently working as project manager for Gemalto in Singapore..

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2The third week of September, EPITA International Master class of 2012 defended their thesis on-campus in front of the graduate committee chaired by EPITA’s deputy Dean, Christophe Rouvrais, and composed of both faculty members and corporate leaders.
Our team is proud of the success of this cohort and confident about the success of their future careers.

Recipe of the Month
Fall in Paris

Fall TuileriesThis picture represents the Tuileries garden during the fall. The song interpreted by the French famous singer Yves Montand, that you must know, called "Les Feuilles Mortes" or "Autunm Leaves" illustrates this picture. Do you know this song ?

Parting Thoughts
Stay Fit through fall !

sport FormThe change of season is not so easy, so try to boost your vitality !
We have some good advice for you !
Eat well
Summer is over. However, keep eating fruits and vegetables ! They are essential for your vitamins tank. Cauliflowers, pumpkins, plums, figs and apples, are a source of nutrients and fibers.

Go out
Enjoy the benefits of the special fall luminosity before the winter. So try to go out as often as possible! Choose a sunny sidewalk on your way to work or read your newspaper or your favorite book at the park !
Practice sport regularly, because its benefits are more than recognized. If the weather is too bad, you can go to a fitness center !
Take time to relax during the day : call a friend, do yoga or watch a good movie! It is important to have breaks daily overall in an urban and stressful environment.
So, what are your good resolutions ?
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