French Day at Amity > Inde
Friday, 14 October 2011
from 12 noon till 9 p.m, at Amity University, Noida Campus, Sector 125, NOIDA.

A large-scale project organised on the premises of an Indian university conceived in the festive spirit worthy of our Grandes Ecoles of Commerce, “French Day” is planned as an original showcase for French higher education, will bring together at least twenty Grandes Ecoles. Twenty major names from the sphere of higher education proposing plans for an academic career in scientific and commercial fields as well as all that concerns the world of international affairs, the hospitality industry, or even fashion.

The “French Day” is, naturally, also intended as a pleasant introduction to our country, the presentation of a cultural world with diverse facets, an invitation to better know the blue white red house, a greeting of welcome to all those who dream of a future made in France. Thus there will be several attractive events: the afternoon will be interspersed with tombola, quiz, exhibition as well as conferences, debates and a film screening, culminating in a fête.

A French DJ will juggle discs to get the crowds dancing to the latest numbers. Over 4 000 students are to be attending the "French Day".


Note: It’s a PRIVATE EVENT, entry reserved only for “Amity Students”.

Amity University Campus,
Sector-125, NOIDA