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Avijit Ghosh, CNAM

"A textile designer, artist, presently in Paris for my fashion business management MBA program from Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers, ( CNAM ) a management, engineering institute which was established during French revolution time at Paris".
This year I finished my study part and working on my research paper. This study divided in to two part , first 2 semester education about only management and after 2 semester with specialization of management subject, my specialization was fashion business, this is really good course for all job experienced professional students to know more about fashion, art, business,trend,forecast,marketing,presentation and more about fashion world.
In Paris, I am staying in CITE International university at maison de L’Inde ( India house). CITE International university is a huge residential university where we can find almost all different country house from world, so it has totally a international multi culture atmosphere.
As a city, Paris is a city of tradition, art, culture, nature, food, information, education, light and realization. It is very important for me, I feel a great realization for several things after I came here. It's a city which make us think, which give you time to chose your wish, that provides you freedom to express yourself, a mysterious historical city which has lots of problems with lot of solutions.

Avijit Ghosh, IIM MBA Fashion business management ( Luxury ),