France is surely a bag full of surprises! > Inde
Abhinav D. Chadha, ISEP Paris


France as a destination for Higher Education was proposed by ICIT, Pune. Without ICIT, I would have never known the opportunities one has in France. While I was in the process of searching for the perfect destination for my higher education, it was then that France became the one which had everything that I had on my "check-list". The prospect of studying in ‘The City of Lights’ – "Paris" was more than fascinating. France houses many Telecom giants and is home to big-wigs like Orange, Alcatel Lucent to name a few. Being in the league of nations with growing technical expertise, France’s rich tradition and culture provides a perfect platform for students to pursue their higher education. It’s excellent work and learn environment helps the students to a great extent.

There are many factors which can persuade one to pursue studies in France; among them are the many Scholarships which are offered by the French Government and many private Organizations. I am myself a recipient of the Orange MAEE Scholarship. With a French Master’s Degree in Telecommunication I am sure of stepping rightly into the world of Telecommunications. With all these factors, France is surely a bag full of surprises.

Abhinav D. Chadha, ISEP Paris