France is a lovely place to live in! > Inde
Pranjali Mardhekar, Science Po

Studying in Paris, as an exchange student at Sciences-Po was everything that I had imagined as a student at Alliance Francaise de Poona and more. Studies were exhaustive and extremely interesting. Contrary to what most people believe the Parisians/ French to be, "the people are great". France is a lovely place to live in.

Campus France guided me well through the administrative procedures and put me in touch with other students who were traveling to France which was very helpful.

I received the French Embassy scholarship which was excellent. Egide, the scholarship cell took care of everything- from the airport pick-up to immediate accommodation which comforted my initial fears of being in a foreign country for the first time. They were like having parents in France to be honest!


Pranjali Mardhekar, Science Po