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Jasmine Vyas, Masters in Embedded and Electronics Systems, ESIGELEC

Having an opportunity to study abroad is any student’s dream. I always dreamt of coming to France for my post-graduation. Campus France Mumbai helped me fulfill this dream by guiding me through the entire application procedure and the preparation for my post graduate studies in France at Esigelec, Rouen for the course of Embedded and Electronic Systems. Esigelec is one of the top notch engineering grand ecoles in France and studying here is indeed a dream come true. The knowledge imparted is really very practical and the best. The teachers here are helpful to the students and are supportive of all the academic activities undertaken by the students. Moreover, the subjects taught here are taught with lots of practical knowledge so that the student can have hands on experience of the industry. The student is given a priority in any course that he is a part of and is treated with a lot of respect. The kind of atmosphere that is available in France is suited for studies because people here are open minded and very friendly. Moreover, for technological studies, France is the best place because it is the birthplace of many revolutionizing technologies. Hence I am very glad that I am studying in one of the best écoles in Europe.

Jasmine Vyas, Masters in Embedded and Electronics Systems 2011-2012, ESIGELEC