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EURECOM TélécomParistech's alumni are truly global and widespread...

Vineet KUMAR, Msc mobile communications, Eurecom TélécomParistech,

I had a very memorable stay at EURECOM TélécomParistech, we got a personal treatment from both, faculty and the administrative staff, I’m really grateful for that.

The first thing I noticed at EURECOM TélécomParistech was such a colourful multicultural environment. That gives a knowhow about the world, a huge international platform for knowledge sharing.

Regarding academics, the course content was updated. We were given a wide knowledge about many latest technologies. All the courses were very well designed and practically oriented.

Towards the end of my studies, I joined Hitachi's ICTL lab as a final semester intern. My work at Hitachi was closely related to EURECOM TélécomParistech's research activities. At the completion of my internship, I was hired by Hitachi. I believe, EURECOM TélécomParistech's industry oriented curriculum helped me a lot to mould my profile in accordance with the current job market requirements. 

Currently I'm working as a Software Consultant at Amadeus, which is the world's largest transaction processor for the global travel and tourism industry.

EURECOM TélécomParistech's alumni are truly global and widespread. Through alumni meets and other such events, we are held together. It gives an immense sense of pride and nostalgia to constantly be in touch with my alma mater.  

Today, at this point of my career, I firmly believe EURECOM TélécomParistech played a major role in my achievements and continues to give its students an edge in today's competitive job scenario. I thank EURECOM TélécomParistech for the foundation and confidence it provided.

Vineet KUMAR
Software Consultant at Amadeus, Sophia Antipolis, France