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Master in Theoretical Physics and Applications

Dynamical and Complex Systems: exact and computational approaches



This two-year Master Course aims at providing students with a high-level formation in Theoretical and Computational Physics, with a special focus on Dynamical Systems, together with a deeper insight in one selected research field: Complex Systems or Integrable Systems. These different choices cover a broad spectrum of subjects from the mathematical accuracy of Integrable Models to the complexity of Biological Systems. This opens a wide horizon of applications, since these fields lie at crossroads of several domains of science: Mathematical and Statistical Physics, Condensed Matter Physics, Medical Imaging, Biology, and even Economy and Sociology in the domain of Complex Systems. The students will acquire a reinforced formation in their chosen domain not only through the specialized courses they take during the program, but also by the practical experience they will have obtained after a semester of research work.

Academic Requirements:

A level corresponding to 180 ECTS (3 or 4 years in a higher education institution) in an academic program in Physics (or in some cases in Mathematics) including basic knowledge of Quantum Mechanics, Statistical Mechanics, and Linear Algebra is required for all students. Candidates finishing their 180 ECTS degree by September may apply conditionally. They should provide certificates concerning the previous years and the partial marks obtained during the current academic year.

Although no particular certificate in English is required, a good mastering of English Language is essential to follow the lectures and language proficiency will thus be taken into account.


Courses are scheduled to start mid September. We strongly recommend that Non-European candidates apply early enough. In particular, countries concerned by the on-line Campus France compulsory procedure should contact their local Campus France Agency to check for the updated deadline (around end of March).

In addition, attention should be paid to deadlines of different scholarship programs.

Tuition fees per year:

Fees for September 2012 amount to 457€ (+ 150€ for French Language and Civilization courses compulsory for non-French speaking students). This includes health insurance and access to specific administrative facilities for foreign students.

Fees reductions and Scholarships politics:

UCP University applies a policy of excellence in its choice of students for this Master.

Candidates with outstanding curriculum are therefore encouraged to apply regardless of their financial situation. Financial help is foreseen for the best candidates by means of fees reduction and/or scholarships (Merit-based Scholarships by UCP 7,000 €/yr, by the IdF region 10,500 €/yr,...).

University services for foreign students:

Besides the standard services (library, sports, and restaurant), the University has set up a welcoming program for foreign students: starting from registration, it functions as a “single desk”, helping the in-coming student to deal with administrative formalities as well as with everyday life activities. A lodging reservation/warranty service is proposed by the Sciences Faculty (“UFR Sciences et Techniques“) of UCP (fee: 200€/year). Students who need this service should contact the coordinators of the master program for details.

Contacts and links

Master Secretary: Mme Marie Carette

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Email: marie.Carette@u-cergy.fr


Dr. Geneviève Rollet


Email: genevieve.Rollet@u-cergy.fr


Dr. Laura Hernández


Email: laura.Hernandez@u-cergy.fr



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