The Master II MLIT - Logistics Management and Transportation Engineering has been training specialists in Logistics and Supply Chain Management since 1992. Recognized at the European level, it has been placed second amongst the top Master level degrees within the “Industry” category (Le Nouvel Observateur – February 10th issue 2011 - Special edition "Degrees that lead to employment“).

You have already begun studies at the master’s level or you are currently in the last year of your business or engineering bachelor’s.

If you are looking for a double major!

If you wish to specialize in Supply Chain: production, procurement, purchasing, stock and transport management.

The Master 2 MLIT (Logistics Management and Transport Engineering) at Lille 1 University offers you the possibility to specialize in these logistic areas and to obtain a double competency!

This Master’s program is open to those having a Bachelor’s degree in any discipline (an executive module is also available).

Here below is our contact information:


Master 2 MLIT

Program Director: Mr. Richard SZALKIEWICZ

Secretary: Ms. Marianne KLEIM