I know it's' just a beginning but I am being optimistic and really looking > Inde

I know it's' just a beginning but I am being optimistic and really looking


I am having a great time here. I must say that the way the subjects are taught is very good. Unlike in India, here they emphasize more on practicals which is the best part. Every other professor till we had was from different country and we get insights into the different culture. I was expecting at least few international students in our batch but unfortunately there are no, we are just four and one among us from Mauritius (but again Indian); this is only thing which makes us feel the lack of international touch when we are in the class.  We are said that we will be having some subjects where we will be combined with the other French students and we are eagerly waiting for that :) As of now we enjoy the French language and the intercultural class where we are combined with few international students (mostly Indians).  


Rouen is very beautiful! I just love this place, the gothic architecture, the old market, the old streets, the beautiful houses and of course the lush green street with beautiful trees and the colorful maple leaves. But the climate is pretty unpredictable, one can experience all the four seasons in one day :) and it rains a lot which is kind of frustrating as I am not use to it. The winter has just started and the lowest temp is around 4 degrees and pretty excited to see the snowfall but also afraid at the same time :)


Apart from this, it’s a very happening city with lot of events happening all the year. Yesterday we went to the Rouen Fair which happens once in a year with all the adventure rides and food stalls and we experienced one crazy and breathtaking ride which was awesome and my lifetime experience :) This weekend we are planning to Le Havre and Etretat beach but we are not sure is it a good time to visit in this cold winter.

Recently there was a "La fete du ventre" the food festival of the Normandy, I tried many things including cheese, different types of chocolates and sweets and I loved it. I just love the bakery items and sweets here, huge variety with a range of flavors and of course the chocolates! The best thing about the food here is that FLAVOR, they try to give every possible delicacy a specific flavor. They use huge range of flavors. I made my mind in India itself to be open enough to try all kind of French food but it’s not that easy, it's very difficult to suits the Indian palate as they eat lot of raw / half cooked meat with less spices and hence it retains the pungent odors of the meat. I haven't tried so much but I would love to more :) and the best part is that I don't miss much of Indian food as almost everything is available here in the supermarket and Arab market and we cook many varieties. 


The people of Rouen are very warm and polite. Specially the students who come from Africa they are very friendly, informal and speaks English. They help us a lot and it’s very easy to mingle with them. We made quite a few friends. But more than native French people we can find more Africans in school and residence and it’s tough to find and make French friends. But still the native French people are good, they are formal, they help us if we start our attempt to speak in French and some of them do understand English and speak a little.


I passed DELF A1 exam before coming here which helped me in understanding a bit in my initial days but I feel bad as I am not able to find enough time to increase my French levels as there is no much time, we have to do assignments, study for the exams and weekend soirees. The time is just passing very. I somehow have to interact with more French people and build up my language skills as much as I can and I hope I will do it.


The residence is the best with all the facilities. The school, the supermarket and the metro station are just nearby.


And to sum up, with all the experiences I had till now, I am happy with my decision of choosing ESIGELEC. I know it's' just a beginning but I am being optimistic and really looking forward :)