BioHealth Computing Graduate School campaign for 2013/2104 Students Application

The attached two leaflets presenting the ERASMUS MUNDUS BioHealth Computing Graduate School, which is is a training programme of excellence, setted by five world-class universities.

UJF( is the Coordinating institution of a joint research program associating 4 areas of knowledge: clinical research, environmental and animal health, molecular biotechnology and computational mathematics.BioHealth Computing Erasmus Mundus student scholarships are addressed for highly qualified European and non-European students willing to study in two of the partner institutions.

This programme can be of interest for students and for scholars who can bring their contributions to this unique network of universities, research and innovation centers distributed over Europe and Asia.

We are offering scholarships from 24.000 €/year for non-European students to 10.000 €/year for European students.

Deadline for online application is 12th of November 2012 to 13th of January 2013

Further information and application form can be found on our website :