What is the difference between a long-stay visa and a temporary long-stay visa?


There are several differences between the long-stay visa valid as residence permit issued to a student for a stay in France lasting between 7 and 12 months, and the temporary long-stay visa (4-6 months validity). In the case of the latter,

  • the holder’s visa bears the words “exempted from obtaining residence permit” (OFII formalities not required);
  • the holder is not allowed to seek employment; 
  • the holder may not have access to social services in France (e.g. APL for housing aid). However, medical coverage is assured upon arrival.
  • the holder may not extend their stay in France beyond the validity period of the visa originally issued (they may not approach the Prefecture for visa renewal application and must return to their country to submit a fresh visa application).

When should I apply? As early as possible, at least one months before your departure.