Registration for 2012-2013 is in process

The “n+i” network has started its registration process for 2012-2013 on its updated website

Updates include:

  • Customized welcome in France more adapted to students and schools needs with a simple welcome and transfer directly to training centres. Our VIP welcome is still possible on demand and spreads over 4 days including touristic venues, on-site bank account creation, conferences, etc.;

  • Engineer trainings (as trainee);

  • PhD program.


Registration ends on November 18, 2012 for session 1 (Eiffel scholarship applications, etc.) and on March 17, 2013 for session 2.

Session 3, which ends on April 21, 2013, is strictly for students with a B2 level in French, who are exempt of French summer classes and who will thus arrive in September.

Students will receive online offers from schools on December 14, 2012 for session 1 and on April 12, 2013 for session 2.

The “n+i” network has improved collaboration with CDEFI. The network can offer dual PhD degrees or even educational engineering programs which can lead to the creation of PhDs in science and technology with our partner schools.

Thanks to partnerships with all players of the higher education cooperation - including SCAC, French institutes, Alliances françaises and Campus France spaces - the “n+i” network is present in over 100 countries. Its offers are consistent with the French political promotion of trainings issuing Masters and PhD degrees in priority fields like science and technology, and more precisely engineering.

Chances of success for foreign students are increased by offers of linguistic, cultural and methodological follow-ups (linguistic, cultural and methodological integration packages, a strong asset of the n+i offer).

More info: