The Campus France is the national agency for promoting French higher education, it does not award scholarships to individual students.

There are a wide variety of scholarships available, which differ according to:

  • the funding agency (the French government, the institutions, the french companies, etc..)
  • the target audience (PhD students, master etc..)
  • nationality of the beneficiary
  • the amount of the grant
  • the duration of the scholarship

For information on scholarships you are advised to consult our CampusBourses tool: a catalog of scholarships extensive online by clicking here.

Regarding the French government grants:

Applications for scholarships awarded by the French Government be placed with the cultural department of the Embassy of France in your home country. The criteria for selecting candidates vary by program of cooperation between government and French authorities of the country concerned. Scholarships are generally awarded to top students (masters or doctorate). The duration of the scholarship depends on the project. For more info on scholarships click here.