April Edition 2012

International Newsletter – April 2012

IESEG Welcomes New Associate Dean-International, Stephen Murdoch

IESEG is very excited Stephen Murdoch who has been appointed Associate Dean - International at the head of the International Relations Department.

IESEG has brought Stephen Murdoch on due to his long-time experience at expanding successfully the international presence of Rouen Business School, where he was acting Associate Dean during the last fourteen years. At IESEG Mr. Murdoch is responsible for developing and promoting exchange programmes, international fulltime student enrolment and joint degree programmes with a focus of expanding IESEG's image and reputation in North America, Asia and other parts of the world. He aspires to make IESEG one of the preeminent international business schools through partnerships and larger participation of international schools and students, working on accreditations and international strategy.

Coming from Ontario, Canada, Stephen Murdoch has a varied professional background in Law, Audit Consulting, and Education.

While working for IESEG as the Associate Dean - International, Murdoch also looks forward to a continued presence in the classroom as a professor of both ethics and law. With his background in international program development and at the same time continued presence in the classroom he understands the importance of internationalism of not only the school but also the students. His excitement and optimism about the future of IESEG is tangible and we look forward to his great ideas becoming a reality and to further strengthening IESEG international reputation.

IESEG Welcomes New International Services Coordinator

Hanane Elkouari is the new International Services Coordinator for the Paris Campus. Hanane is Moroccan, she holds a Bachelor degree in quadrilingual translation (French-English-Arabic-Spanish) and a Master in Intercultural communication from ISIT (Université Catholique de Paris). She works primarily with outgoing and incoming students, International Relations (IR) events and special projects in Africa.

She brings a strong background in intercultural communication and project management. Her previous role was with HSBC Global Asset Management as a Communication Officer responsible for Web content in different languages. Before HSBC, Hanane worked in the higher education field within ESCE where she was covering international student areas.

A Major Forward Step for the Global Marketing Profession

In Paris on Friday 2nd March 2012, Global Marketing Network (GMN), the Global Accreditation Body for Marketing Professionals, and IESEG School of Management (IESEG) signed a landmark agreement aimed at raising standards and capabilities in the Marketing Profession, worldwide.

Included within the plans being drawn up by GMN and IESEG is the launch of a portfolio of new postgraduate marketing certification and executive education programmes. These will provide the senior Marketing Professionals of today and tomorrow around the world with local access to cutting-edge professional development, designed, developed and delivered by the combined GMN and IESEG Faculties - a powerhouse of some of today's leading marketing and business experts. Leading publisher Kogan Page is a strategic partner contributing to programme content and materials.

Linking directly with GMN's Global Accreditation System for Marketing Professionals, the new programmes provide the Marketing Profession with for the first time a truly global continuing professional development framework, developed against globally established standards, thereby bringing it in line with other business professions in the boardroom.

At the signing of the agreement, Global Marketing Network Chief Executive, Darrell Kofkin and IESEG Director-General Jean-Philippe Ammeux, said:
"This exciting and ground-breaking relationship between GMN and IESEG enables us to fulfill our joint and widely-shared vision. Demand is soaring across the world, and at every level of the Marketing Profession, as marketers increasingly need to update and enhance their capabilities in order to achieve the ever-more-demanding results required by their organisations and clients in the fast-changing, complex and challenging global business environment."

Signing the landmark agreement for the Marketing Profession, (from l-r) IESEG Director-General Jean-Philippe Ammeux and GMN Chief Executive, Darrell Kofkin (2 March 2012)

EFMD: 19 International Business School Deans Visit the Paris Campus for an Education and Networking Experience

On March 28, 2012 IESEG hosted The International Deans Program (IDP). The IDP is aimed at recently appointed deans/ directors of business schools who are members of the Association of Business Schools (ABS) and/or the European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD) . This year's IDP deans visited business schools in three different countries; France, Canada, and Norway. They participated in strategy and educational exercises as well as shared ideas with their peers to gain a unique overview of operations, structures, and future markets in business and management education.

In France the IDP made a visit to IESEG as part of the three countries, eight university tour. The event was an all-day emersion into the IESEG and French Grand Ecole approach :

Marta Vazquez, Head of International Services and Partner Development at IESEG says: "a number of schools were impressed by our facilities and the campus location in the iconic Grande Arche. Some even described the location as " breathtaking". We feel very honored by those compliments."

This years participants included:

LUSEM- Lund University School of Economics and Management (Sweden), Oxford Brookes University (U.K.), University of Salford (U.K.), EBAPE-Escola Brasileira de Adminiatração Publica e de Empresas (Brazil), Universty of East London (U.K.), BI Norweigian Business School(Norway), Copenhagen Business School (Denmark), Loughborough University School of Business and Economics (U.K.), KAIST College of Business (South Korea), University of Exeter Business School (U.K.), Universty of Cologne (Germany), University of the Witwatersrand (South Africa), Universirty of Porto (Portugal), University of Essex (U.K.), EBS Universität für Wirtschaft und Recht (Germany), Aston University(U.K.), Hult International Business School (U.S.), University of Plymouth (U.K.), Huazhong University of Science and Technology (China).

For more information on the International Deans Program (IDP) please visit: http://www.efmd.org/index.php/component/rsevents/event/80-2012-international-deans-programme-idp?Itemid=494

18 Teams To Compete in This Years Negotiation Challenge April 13-14th at IESEG in Paris!!!

The Negotiation Challenge's 6th annual negotiation championship took place the 13th and 14th of April. Participating this year were 18 teams from some of the most prestigious universities in the world.

The competitors this year represented 13 different countries. During two intense days the eighteen teams negotiated at typical Parisian and prestigious venues like in cafés at Montmartre, in Parisian restaurants (Chez Jenny), at the TNC partner the International Chamber of Commerce Headquarters, and on the IESEG Campus in the iconic Grande Arche.

The event is sponsored by IESEG in cooperation with HHL-Lepzig, the International Chamber of Commerce, and Arpege. For more information please visit www.thenegotiationchallenge.org

18 prestigious schools from all over the world were participating:

Kyoto University (Japan), Harvard Business School (United States), University of California Hastings College of the Law (United States), S.P. Jain Institute of Management and Research (India), University of Bonn (Germany), Warsaw School of Economics (Poland), Thunderbird School of Global Management (United States), University of Strathclyde (Scotland), IESEG School of Management (France), The Chinese University of Hong Kong (China), Reykjavik University (Iceland), HHL - Leipzig Graduate School of Management (Germany), The University of Economics (Czech Republic), ESCP Europe (France), London School of Economics and Business (U.K.), ESSEC Business School (France), Kazakhstan Institute of Management Economics and Strategic Research (Kazakhstan), CESA Business School (Colombia).

School & Ski at University of Innsbruck School of Management

IESEG and University of Innsbruck (Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences) in Austria started their collaboration in 2001. The institution is located in the center of Europe near famous European cities like Prague, Vienna or Rome and is surrounded by the breathtaking Alps. The University lies close to many outdoor activities, "just right out your front door, such as skiing in winter and in the warmer season mountain biking and hiking" according to the Associate Dean of Study, Elke Kitzelmann. The School of Management was founded in 2004 as one of the successors of the former Faculty, and part of the over 300 year old University of Innsbruck system. This prestigious university is open to IESEG students interested in attending the university in their 3rd and 4th years. Mrs. Kitzelmann is looking forward to sending her students to the Paris campus from August 2012 as "the proximity is good and the city of Paris will be of great interest to some of the students."

New Partner: Universidad Politécnica de Valencia

IESEG is proud to announce a new partnership for undergraduate and master's student exchanges with Universidad Politécnica de Valencia (UPV) in Spain. The university was founded in 1968 in a peaceful setting in the north of Valencia. It is home to over 36,187 students and has a fully integrated campus with library, academic buildings, sports complexes on its sprawling campus with over 60 buildings and 108,000 square meters of green space. Gisel Sanahuja Vélez, International Programmes and Internship Manager came to France to form a new partnership with IESEG. She is convinced that the "Grand Ecole program will be in high demand from the UPV students". With the UPV ranking 2nd in business schools in Spain there is a focus on excellence she feels is paralleled by IESEG.

For prospective exchange students the university, similar to IESEG, has a very international focus rich in many nationalities. Students are also received to a supportive environment of mentor and help with housing. While there are a few English classes that are always in high demand, most of the courses are taught in Spanish so students should "have good level of Spanish to come to school". However, Spanish language classes are available for students.

Seniora Velez said that another major attractor for prospective exchange students is that UPV has "many connections to work in internships in Spain who are actively looking for companies to place the students for internships and employment."