Advanced Master International Environmental Management (EnvIM)

MINES ParisTech Graduate School

A unique double-degree program

This program was set up in 2007 in order to offer a high level of education and cooperation, with a professional and managerial aim, between France and China. It is designed for young graduates holding a Master’s degree who wish to complete their curriculum with a specialization in the field of environment.

The students undertaking the full program will obtain a double degree:

• An Advanced Master’s Degree from MINES ParisTech Graduate School and INSA Lyon
• A Master’s Degree from the University of Tsinghua

Courses and seminars :

Pedagogy with an International Focus pedagogy 100% of the courses are in English Cursus schedule

  • Resource management: Ecosystem, biodiversity, fossil and mineral resources
  • Water resources and management: Hydro systems, international conflict management, water policies
  • Public policies: Institutional framework in Europe and Asia, stakeholders, regulation and economic tools
  • Pollution prevention and control: Impact assessment, industrial environmental management and treatment technologies
  • Risk management
  • Cleaner production and life cycle approach
  • Climate change: International negotiation, policies framework, cleaner development and mechanisms, CO2 capture and storage
  • Renewable energies
  • Sustainable cities and eco buildings: Urban planning, flux management, energy efficiency in building and transportation systems French or Chinese language and cultural courses offered



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