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EPITA International Newsletter
March 2012
EPITA International Newsletter

We hope that this new edition of EPITA's International Newsletter finds you well ! We have many things to announce.

In spite of the cold winter, activities at EPITA never freeze. The International Team had organized a King's Day celebration for our International Master's students in January.

A new Erasmus agreement with University of Amsterdam has been signed. In February, 5th-year students from EPITA have participated during ten days in a humanitarian raid in Morocco, the 4L Trophy.
A book on Team Coaching written by a consultant who teaches at EPITA was just published. The international team has moved to a brand new office space. Future candidates for EPITA, senior high school students, have been invited to the "Engineering Careers Discovery Days", where they could assist technical lectures, meet the staff of our research labs and participate in various activities.

And March is the beginning of a new semester of the International Master's curriculum. We are happy to welcome our new Winter 2012 cohort coming from countries all over the world such as India, South Korea, Russia, Germany and Romania.

Have a good time reading our March edition.


Christophe Rouvrais
Development & International Office

Albane Ariza,
International Programs

Célia Fernandez,
Exchange Programs

Anne Menard,
Executive Assistant

Daniela Becker,
ERASMUS Coordinator

Happening on Campus
Discovery Days : The Engineer Career

In February, EPITA organized his days "Discovery of Engineering Careers" on campus. The purpose of these days was to allow students to discover the school, its research laboratories, but also to meet companies and thus better understand the ICT careers. They were able to attend conferences about ICT careers through courses and projects. They also discovered the community life of EPITA participating to different activities proposed by some of the numerous associations of the school.Marmara University

The International Relations Office was involved too in order to present to the students the importance of international in their future studies and professional activities. In order to have a certain interaction, we suggested an international quiz on countries representations and specificities. The aim of the quiz was to talk about intercultural differences. The winners received small gifts from the school !

New Erasmus Agreement

EPITA has signed a new Erasmus Agreement with the Faculty of Science at University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Thanks to this agreement student and teaching staff exchanges between our two institutions can be organized over the next two academic years.

University of Amsterdam, UvA, is a public research university with a long and rich history. Founded in 1632, it is the third oldest and the largest university in the Netherlands with over 28000 students divided over nine major faculties. As one of the best endowed research universities in Europe, UvA belongs to the League of European Research Universities (LEUR). The university offers over 58 Master programs taught in English and has developed a strong international collaboration via many exchange programs.

From the Students
Welcome Onboard
On March 5th, EPITA's International Team welcomes the Winter 2012 (Class of 2013) International Master cohort on campus for a long week of academic, residential & cultural activities. This winter, our new students are coming from India, South Korea, Russia, Germany and Romania. This new class gathers over 20 bright young men & women who are the first to benefit from EPITA's Scholarship Awards for Excellence and we look forward to guiding them towards new heights of achievement on our campus & beyond. EPITA's community wishes them all a warm welcome !

4L Trophy: The EPITA team took departure on February 16th from the Futuroscope – France
EpiWorld The 4L Trophy is a ten-day trek 100 % for students, combining good atmosphere and humanitarian aids. 1 200 pairs, that is 2 400 students coming from all over the country, cover about 7 000 km through France, Spain and Morocco, at the steering wheel of a mythical car: Renault 4L.Besides this real sports challenge, each of them will have the mission to distribute hundred kilos of school supplies and sports clothes to the most deprived children of Morocco.
Baptistin Buchet, 22 years old, in his last year of studies at EPITA will participate in the 2012 edition of the 4L Trophy as racing-pilot of the team EPITA, beside Vincent Bohly, co-pilot.

From the Corporate World
NEW EPITA Publication

EPITA not only trains tomorrow's leading IT experts but also provides a professional environment where its staff thrives. Speaking of this key aspect of our campus life is Professor Aymeric Bouthéon's Team Coaching new publication, we are proud to announce to our global network in this March edition. For more information and to order 30 Bonnes Pratiques pour Coacher son Equipe (30 Good Practices to Coach your Team), visit Vuibert Pratique Publishing House here:

Training Charismatic Professionals

At EPITA, Mrs. Doucet teaches 1st year students Management & Personal Team Management as well as public speaking to support early in the 5-year Engineering Cycle the development of not only self-confidence and well-being but also to begin instilling best management practices into undergraduates who will guide cutting IT team at the completion of their studies.

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Picture of the month

The International Team at EPITA is happy to present you its new office !

Parting Thoughts

La Chandeleur – French Candlemas or Crêpe Day

decorationsOn February 2nd, we have celebrated the Chandeleur in France. The word comes from the latin « festa candelarum », feast of the candles. This feast existed in ancient Rome and in the Celtic tradition, announcing renewal after winter right in the middle between winter solstice and the beginning of spring. In the 5th century, Pope Gelasius 1st decided to celebrate the old pagan feast of the candles together with a Christian feast commemorating the purification of the Virgin Mary and the presentation of baby Jesus 40 days after he was born.
Legends say that Pope Gelasius distributed round shaped cakes to the pilgrims coming to Rome to the candle feast. In the Celtic feast, food offerings to the pagan gods looked very much like our French crêpes. Their roundness evokes the wheel of the sun. The Christians have kept this tradition where offering food and eating the round crêpes was meant to exorcise the misery of the winter and celebrate the return of spring in hope of prosperity. Today we keep the tradition of the crêpe making alive. Specially gifted cooks manage to flip the crêpes into the air. You should try, it's fun and if you catch the crêpe in the pan, your family will be prosperous for the rest of the year!
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