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A Unique International Curriculum

The SELF Program: Study in English in the heart of a European UNESCO World Heritage city

The SELF program is organized by semester during fall (September to December) and spring (January to May) each year. The SELF calendar is organized to avoid keeping students in Lyon over Christmas: course work and exams are finished before the Christmas holiday.

The program is intended for students who have completed at least two years of university studies in their home country and who wish to study in France, but whose command of the French language is not up to complete immersion in courses taught exclusively in French. Students in the SELF program are allowed to stay in the program for one semester only. They can enroll for the second (usually spring) semester in the courses addressed to French degree-course students, along with the majority of the other exchange students at Université Jean-Moulin - Lyon 3. SELF students may thus qualify for the DEUF certificate (Diplôme d’études universitaires françaises) in addition to the SELF certificate as well, of course, as
earning credits applicable to degree courses in their home universities.

- Two-week integration program: the first two weeks of the SELF program make it easy for students to feel at home in Lyon from a cultural, social and language point of view.

The integration program comprises :

  • a 20-hour course in French culture and civilization (FCC)
  • 10 to 15 hours of French as a foreign language (FLE) taught intensively
  • social outings and activities (some of these require a small fee) and a lecture course on general cultural integration provide ways for students to get acquainted with each other as well as with customs and expectations in France.

- Over the ten following weeks: courses are offered in the three academic areas of Business, Law and the Humanities.
Depending on the requirements of their home institutions, students may take courses in any or all of the areas. Each course is designed to give enough credits to transfer to a full-time semester load at the home institution. With a maximum of thirty-five students in content courses, the SELF program insures high-quality student-teacher contact. Similarly, the SELF office goes out of its way to make sure students find the course combinations they need. Enrollment gives access to all University services (athletics, computer access, library, etc.)

To qualify for the SELF certificate, a student must take:

  • a minimum of 4 SELF content courses (duration 30 hours each)
  • courses in FCC (taught in English): 20 hours
  • FLE: 60 hours including intensive session (from beginner-to upper level)

LIST OF COURSES: Business, Law & Humanities (See the attached document) duration 30hours (May be subject to changes - Some courses are only given one semester. See website for details for further details.


Tuition fees : 2750 Euros per semester

For non-European students : Social Security fees : appr. 200 Euros

For further information please be in touch with :
Sophie Véron, Program Coordinator (see “International”)

Or Contact:
International Relations Office • Université Jean Moulin Lyon 3
6, cours Albert Thomas • 69008 Lyon
postal address: BP 8242 • 69355 Lyon cedex 08 • France
Tél. : + 33 4 26 31 86 37 • Fax :+ 33 4 26 31 85 97 •
SELF Study in English, Lyon France