Master’s Degree- Quantitative Finance and Risk Management

English Taught Programme

The EISTI, an engineering school with two tracks: in Computer Science and applied Mathematics, is now able to offer a new pedagogical element, resolutely international: a Master‟s Degree accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education and Research in „Quantitative Finance and Risk Management‟, which will open from September 2012 and be taught in English.

Objective :
This Master‟s degree covers the whole chain of quantitative finance, from theoretical aspects to the application in a professional setting. The chain can be described as follows: Description of the market and financial products Mathematical finance models Mathematical risk models Numerical resolution: computer-aided simulation Calibration and asset evaluation
Specific details of the Master The Master came from the Financial Engineering option (IFI), taught at the EISTI for the last 13 years (all students from the option have found work as soon as their compulsory internships finished, and have an average salary 20% higher than the norm in this sector) The Master is intrinsically international The theoretical content of the Master is very thorough, covering everything you need to know in the associated professions. As a consequence, the students are very adaptable within the work market The Master offers a 3-skilled approach, in Computer Science, Mathematics and Finance

Who should apply?
This Master‟s degree is for students who hold a Bachelor Degree (or equivalent) or for high-potential foreign engineers who are looking for an international career in the domain of quantitative finance.

Entry Requirements :
This international program is for any student holding a Bachelor of Science or equivalent, in applied mathematics, or a related discipline. Other qualifications may be accepted, provided there is evidence of sufficient relevant work experience. students having 3/4 average grades will be admitted directly in M2 after review of their application students having below 3/4 average grades will be admitted in M1.

English language requirements
For non native English speakers, the candidates will need to provide evidence of their English language ability with their application form.
We accept: TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language):
Internet based test - minimum score of 80 TOEIC (Test of English for International Communication):
minimum score of 800, Or any other equivalent tests.

Tuition Fees
The tuition fees are €6,000 per year.
For students coming from university partners of the EISTI, the tuition fees are €4,000 per year.

Dossier to be downloaded from the website and sent to EISTI, before July 31st.

For any further information on the program: