Indo-French Chamber of Commerce & Industry

Job Title: Subsidiary Director (Establishment Director, foreign subsidiary centre)

Company: French Company based in India

Location: Pune

The head of operations in real terms, the Subsidiary Director is responsible, in her/his capacity as the Head of establishment, for the discipline and safety of all the site personnel. S/He develops the business and using internal or external means of production enabling production profitability to be guaranteed. Her/his actions must strictly adhere to the wishes, strategy and policies of the Company. The incumbent has to manage the French Company in India.

Principal responsibilities 

  • The Subsidiary Director proposes the local production strategy to the Board. To this end, s/he develops a Strategic plan in conjunction with the Divisional, Sales and Marketing, Industrial Development, Purchasing and Finance Directors, as well as the group's horizontal functional departments. The budget corresponds to the short-term view (1 year) of the strategic plan (5 years).
  • The Subsidiary Director oversees, in operational terms, the human and technical resources needed to sell, develop and produce the Divisions' products as part of the strategic plan approved by the Management Board:

-        s/he organises and leads her/his site’s teams,

-        s/he  supervises the production of  figures and decides whether to agree to production and purchase resale operations in conjunction with the Divisional Director concerned,

-        s/he is responsible for implementing the necessary means of production,

-        s/he decides, in conjunction with the Industrial Development Director, whether to manufacture products in the Subsidiary or whether to sub-contract them,

-        s/he is responsible for the production costs and lead times for parts manufactured on her/his site or sub-contracted,

-        s/he is responsible for the quality of products manufactured or sub-contracted by ensuring that the quality is at least as good as that defined by customers', the Group's and the Divisions' technical specifications,

-        s/he is responsible for ensuring that local legislation regarding safety, competition, taxation, employment law and environmental law are respected,

-        s/he decides, by reaching complete agreement with the Divisional Director concerned,  price quotes to be given to customers,

-        s/he submits any issues to the Board for resolution,

-        s/he promotes and defends the Group’s brand the Group's know-how on a local level,

-                 s/he organises acceptance of product transfers from the Divisions with the Industrial Development Director and the Divisional Director concerned,

-                 s/he decides on investments in material and immaterial assets needed for the Subsidiary’s operation and development, with validation from the Industrial Development Director, whilst respecting industrial policy, budgetary procedures for incurring expenditure and the purchasing policy,

-        s/he works together with the Group's functional departments (purchasing, finance, industrial policy, sales and marketing, human resources, information systems, quality, legal, international commerce), and the Divisional Directors,

-        s/he strictly applies the policies defined by the Group's functional departments,

-        s/he supervises the staff from functional departments allocated to the Subsidiary where:

ü      requests coming from the Group should be given priority in the planning of work,

ü     decisions relating to the hiring, training, appraisal and development of these support staff are jointly taken with the Group Functional Manager of the department concerned and more specifically, the Group's human resources,

ü     if there is no need for such head count, a contact in the Subsidiary will be appointed,

ü     the costs of the resources that they use are chargeable to the Subsidiary in accordance with current Group procedures (costs will be charged directly or indirectly depending on whether the resources are solely used by the Subsidiary, or shared),

Powers, delegation and control 

  • The Subsidiary Director reports to the legal representative of the parent company.
  • S/He is authorised by her/his immediate superior to rigorously apply legal and regulatory requirements regarding the areas for which s/he is responsible and specifically regarding the manufacture, quality and establishment of selling prices of the products, consumer safety and patent rights for these products, the environment and safety.
  • S/He consults simultaneously and directly her/his immediate superior and the Board of the Group.
  • S/He presents, in collaboration with the Group’s financial departments, a monthly report to the Board including, notably, a review of the implementation of the strategy specified in the strategic plan.
  • S/He reports to the respective Divisional Directors and to the International Commercial Development Director in terms of the development of the product portfolio and her/his customers,
  • S/He reports to the Industrial Development Director on the means and performance of the development of the production of the products of her/his Subsidiary.

Performance assessment

  • The Subsidiary Director is assessed on results and on the resources that have been put œin place:

- s/he must achieve the objectives defined with the Board. These objectives are linked to the site's financial performance. They are specific to the Subsidiary and are correlated with achievement of the strategic plan,

- her/his actions must conform with the Group’s strategy and operational principles.

  • Her/his performance is discussed at least once a year with the Chairman of the Board. (verbally or via email)
  • Her/his remuneration contains a variable element based on performance or assessment objective defined by the Management Board. The criteria can change from one year to the next depending on the areas for improvement that the Management Board wishes to focus on.


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