Network "n+i" Signs an MOU with BKBIET,Pilani

During the recent visit of Prof Alain AYACHE – President Network "n+i"  and Ms Danielle Andreu – Head International Relations from ENSEEIHT, Toulouse an MOU was signed between  Network "n+i" and Dr PS Bhatnagar, Director of BKBIET, Pilani. The MOU was signed during the International Conference On Communication Systems held at BKBIET, Pilani campus.

Ms Golda MALHOTRA – India Coordinator for Network "n+i"  spoke on education opportunities for students in France with Network “n+i”, along with many scholarship opportunities.  

The conference which started with opening new avenues for the students to study abroad at its initial stage later covered a broad range of Communication Systems, Microwave & Antennas, VLSI & Embedded, Image & Signal Processing, Semiconductors & Material Sciences, Computer & Networks, Optical Communication, Power Electronics and allied areas of Electronics and Communication Systems where the eminent speakers across the globe with12 participants from France for enlightened the gathering by sharing their knowledge, ideas, experience and expertise.

The success of the conference can also be assessed on the terms of papers as about 75 papers were presented along with the 500 registration for the participation. Adding another feather in the cap of the conference, about 50 papers are selected for the publication in special issue of journal.

Many Network "n+i" partners were present at the conference. BKBIET also sends almost 30 students for summer internship to Frnace and many to N+I partner institutes like – Polytech –Nantes, ENSISA-Mulhouse, ENSEEIHT-Toulouse, EISTI-Cergy Pontoise . The percentage of students  who return to France for full masters to various institutes after going for internship and having first-hand experience in France , is almost 51% .