The Internship Program
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What is Inria
Inria is a public research body dedicated to digital science and technology.

About the Program
Each year, Inria welcomes more than a hundred students from all over the world in its research project teams. This is known as the Internships programme. The principle is that undergraduate, masters or PhD students come and spend between two and nine months, depending on their level, in an Inria research team. Over the years, the Internships programme has grown continuously, from 39 interns in 2004 to 174 in 2009. Inria has about 130 prestigious partner universities and research laboratories worldwide. The most common exchanges involve Asian students, in particular from India. The aim of the Internships programme is to strengthen Inria’s scientific partnerships by welcoming excellent students from partner institutions abroad and training them through research. It allows foreign students to work for several months within an Inria project team, providing them with financial support for their living expenses in France.

How to apply
The programme is aimed at undergraduate as well graduate students working on a Master’s degree or PhD. It coordinates the selection of students in order to assist Inria researchers in hosting excellent interns in their fields, and to give the interns a taste for working in an international scientific environment and the desire to return to Inria for a doctoral thesis or post-doctoral research.

This incentive programme makes provision for the supervision and training through research of foreign interns by Inria project-teams researchers. It enables them to benefit from financial support for their research visit to France. Internships at Inria contribute to the interns’ scientific, professional and personal development.

In the case of a research visit for Master’s or PhD students, an extended stay must in principle be accompanied by co-supervision from an Inria researcher who is recognised as such by their university back home. Read More

The programme enables Inria to welcome foreign students who wish to complete an internship or research visit in France within an Inria project-team as part of:

  • an end-of-course project;
  • a master’s degree;
  • a PhD;
  • post-doctoral research

The length of the internship may vary:

  • from 2 to 4 months for an end-of-course project
  • from 4 to 9 months for a research visit as part of a master’s or PhD thesis.


Students receive a grant ranging from €1,100 net for Master’s students and engineers to €1,200 for PhD students. Half of this grant is paid by the International Relations Department and the other 50% by the Inria project-team, including CAMPUSFRANCE administration fees.


  • October 17th – November 16th, 2013 : Submission of internship topic proposals by Inria researchers
  • November 19th – December 15th, 2013 : Publication of the list of internship proposals and submission of application selected/validated by partner institutions through
  • December 15th – January 15th, 2014 : Selection of the candidates by Inria researchers and validation from the Internal Relations Department of Inria
  • January 2014 : Publication of results