Ist Session - 31/07/13 to 27/10/13 IInd Session - 28/10/13 to 10/01/14


“n+i” is a unique initiative in partnership with over 70 prestigious French engineering institutes. It is a non-profit making organisation aiming at training multilingual engineers able to work on international projects involving a multicultural environment.


  1. Two year master’s degree in engineering and choice of 250+ specialized masters.
  2. No application fees and a totally free admission process till the time on enrollment.
  3. 3 packages of adaptation : linguistic, cultural, methodological
  4. GRE/TOEFL not required.
  5. A single online application portal for admission and scholarships for all the 70+ Engineering institutes.
  6. No prior knowledge of French is required. A basic level in French is highly recommended.
  7. Maximum Total cost of the program:  INR 11 to 26 lakhs for two years ( Minus possible scholarships + 1 semester of paid internships + APL +part-time jobs,etc.)
  8. Students can apply for multiple scholarships while making admission applications to N+I. Reckoner enclosed.


The access is selective. The selection depends upon academic merit, ranking of universities, strong recommendation letters and coherence of the professional project. Thus, no qualifying tests are required though GRE results may be taken into consideration but the level in English must be good. Basic knowledge of French is not compulsory. However students are advised to start learning French as soon as possible.

Application and course structure
An online application is to be made through the website The entire application process is free till the final admission.
The academic year begins in September. But students join “n+i” in July to start their linguistic preparation module. The first semester of the first year prepares students coming from more than 50 countries for cultural and methodological adaptation.
During the second year a training period is compulsory and usually remunerated (minimum €420/month). In France, theoretical training, practical applications and methodology are equally important….

Online application through

Reasonable costs
France spends more than 20% of its national budget on Education which is thus highly subsidised by the Government. The entire programme (including the whole package: personal welcome at the airport, language training modules, methodological training, project management modules, personal tutor, accommodation, insurance and tuition fees for two years) may be thanks to scholarships.
In average, 40% of the “n+i” students got scholarships for academic fees. Over 20% of the students were fully supported.
In addition to governmental funding, there are a lot of other scholarships available (for instance, scholarships from companies, states, regions…).

If under 28, students are covered under the French social security system.


Réseau “n+i” 79 avenue Denfert-Rochereau – 75014 Paris – France
E-mail: – Web: